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Who We are About the law firm


Ghimire Law Associates (GLA) is a full service, top-tier business law firm in Nepal. GLA was established by Advocate Amar Jibi Ghimire and Advocate Puspa Subedi Ghimire.

Amar, having over two decades of his legal experience through extensive work at his own law firm, Premier Law Associates (PLA)Amar partnered with two other reputed corporate lawyers and established a much larger law firm PGAPL which was particularly known for representing large corporations and successfully handling high-profile cases. PGAPL was among the largest tax paying law firms in Nepal. After jointly working for a few years, PGAPL partners ran into a few complications and decided to go apart. Amar sold his PGAPL shares at a premium to the other partners and started Ghimire Law Associates with Advocate Pupa Subedi Ghimire.

GLA has already established its mark as a fastest growing law firm in Nepal. In a very short time, GLA has been well-trusted by many national and international clients due to its incomparable legal services. GLA is committed to its core principle of “quality over quantity” and fully aligns with what Amar always says, “every matter of our clients deserves the utmost care and timely handling, and we succeed only when our clients succeed”.

Today, GLA is successfully representing many national and international clients, and has been recognized as one of the leading business law firms in Nepal. GLA excels in handling legal matters related to but not limited to trade, investment and commerce as well as commercial litigation and ADR including arbitration. GLA has been providing its exceptional legal services to wide-ranging businesses, national and international institutions, multinational companies, INGOs, and so on. GLA is also highly ranked for handling the most complicated matters related to Nepalese laws and regulations. To say the least, we are extremely successful and overly experienced in handling issues associated and interlinked with international matters. We take pride in our ability to advise some of the world’s leading companies, multinational agencies, large INGOs, and many more. We have also worked with a few international law firms and have retained strong, working partnership with many others.

Above all, we provide all clients our exceptional legal services: credible evaluations, unparalleled handlings and extraordinary results. Our aim is to become your trusted partner not just a legal advisor, and this is one of the very reasons clients continue to work with us.

WHAT WE DO Our Practice Areas

GLA, being a full service business law firm, provides all kinds of business related legal services encompassing trade, commerce, investment and many more. Having its significantly educated  and well experienced lawyers, GLA has strong sense of capability in providing highest level of services in all aspects of domestic and international business laws.

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