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Labor, Employment, Work Permit and Visa

Labor and employment work require highly demanding and complex procedures for businesses to become a success. GLA strives to provide employers with competitive legal support in hiring and retaining talent through our combination of experience, strategic advice, innovative technology and skilled leadership.

Further, we understand that work permit for foreign employees along with working visas prove to be challenges for employers to recruit competent human resources as per their needs. We thus provide cost-effective and timely legal support and services to a wide range of clients, including multinational, non-profit organizations, health care institutions etc. helping them hire the needed human resources internationally. Our practice combines proactive advice with streamlined processes to create a customized, efficient system to meet each client’s needs.

Our expertise under this area includes, but is not limited to, the following issues

  • Regulatory issues and compliance
  • Advertisement
  • Employment agreements relating to hiring and firing
  • Employment manuals such as administrative manual, financial manual
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Employment tax issues,
  • Cross-border employment tax issues and data protection,
  • Employees’ stock option
  • Employment litigation etc.

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