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Capital Market and Securities

Nepalese capital market has grown exponentially in terms of resource mobilization, number of listed stocks, market capitalization, trading volumes, and investors’ base. Along with this growth, the profiles of the investors, issuers and intermediaries have changed significantly, leading to various legal complications. The Capital Market and Securities legal issues are inherently complicated and subject to regular updates. It, therefore becomes necessary for clients to constantly update themselves with the various legislative changes made time and again. We have been routinely providing effective advice to following services:

  • Corporate governance
  • Security board and stock exchange
  • Listing of Securities
  • Transnational listing
  • Public private equity participation
  • Equity and debt offerings
  • IPO and secondary market
  • Merchant banking
  • Share registrar
  • Bonus and rights shares issues,
  • Regulatory and statutory compliance,
  • Sovereign debt issues, structured credit products,
  • Debenture
  • Bonds issue
  • Convertible securities and derivatives.

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