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Media and Technology

Various areas of law impact on the way our clients interact with efficient technology on a daily basis. Whether enshrined in statute or developed by the courts, these forms of regulations ensure that our clients are protected in both digital and disconnected environments. The areas of complexities, from a lawyers’ perspective, include defamation law, personal and information privacy principles, intellectual property, electronic security, and broadcasting. Our clients range from software developers to companies producing innovative surveillance systems, those in the creative fields such as agencies and web designing as well as larger corporates seeking to procure and implement new software and hardware systems. We provide advise in areas such as:

  • Software licenses & software/website development agreements
  • IT hardware & infrastructure agreements
  • Support & maintenance, hosting & service level agreements
  • IT aspects of corporate transactions eg sales & acquisitions, joint ventures and private equity transactions
  • E-commerce/website terms and conditions & privacy policies
  • Distance selling regulations
  • Terms and conditions for online competitions
  • E-mail marketing & regulatory compliance.

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