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Insurance and Reinsurance

GLA, within the Insurance and Reinsurance Law practice areas, has advised insurance and reinsurance companies as well as insurance intermediaries, including banks and other professionals of the financial sector, on all regulatory matters relevant to their businesses, both local and cross-border. We also handle, in cooperation with our litigation practice area, various cases of insurance law litigation.

We have always maintained good relations with the insurance supervisory. We offer advice to both domestic and international insurers, insurance intermediaries and reinsurers concerning a wide array of issues relating to insurance and reinsurance law. Our set of lawyers always suggest solutions that prove to be reliable and effective in the area of insurance and reinsurance issues. We take pride in our capability in handling disputes, providing resolutions and advising clients in issues that may come up in any field of insurance and reinsurance which may include aviation, construction, energy, equipment failure and breakdown and many more.

We are skilled in advising insurers, reinsurers as well as intermediaries in disputes that arise in the field of insurance policies through arbitration, mediation or many other forms of ADR.

We offer following services in this field of practice:


  • Insurance related Policy and Regulatory framework
  • License applications
  • Pass porting rules
  • Launching of new insurance products
  • Portfolio transfers
  • Investment rules
  • Service and intermediation agreements
  • Insurance legal advice

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