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Litigation and ADR including Arbitration

Litigation and ADR, including Arbitration, are a crucial part for lawyers practicing in the country, as these issues hugely rely on Doctrine and precedent as well as doctrine of stare desisis. Hence a lawyer having regular court practice is better updated on these laws. The lawyers at GLA visit the courts of Nepal in high profile corporate and business cases time and again. This is significantly supportive to the law firm as it keep the staff updated on the precedents introduced by the Supreme Court of Nepal.

Further, GLA is familiarly known as a firm having expertise in Arbitrational matters. We have been advising clients on the Arbitration law of Nepal, Governing Law Issue, and arbitration rules such as UNCITRAL, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Singapore International Centre for Arbitration (SICA), London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA), Hong Kong Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) etc.

Under this heading our main services include representing our clients in commercial court cases relating to the following:

  • Contract interpretation
  • Creditors, Debenture-holder and Shareholders’ right
  • Shareholders’ disputes
  • Banking and finance related cases
  • Insurance and Reinsurance
  • Partnership deeds
  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Disputes relating to copyrights, patent, design and trademark
  • Water Right, electricity, hydropower
  • Property and land disputes

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