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International Trade, Investment and Commerce

Our firm has been advising companies at international level that either have business or investment in Nepal or are willing to. GLA understands the seriousness of giving local advice to foreign companies and the firm’s critical opinions, with risk analysis, are widely appreciated by clients, time and again.

We have been guiding business entities in import and export procedures, solutions and way outs from all hindrances encountered. We provide advice to foreign food and beverage companies, pharmaceutical companies, telecommunications companies and technology companies alongside other manufacturing companies in issues that concern international trade. We offer expertise in the following services:

  • Export and Import modus operandi
  • Export and import control restrictions
  • International marketing
  • Import duties applicable to international import
  • Export duties applicable for international export
  • Classifications and valuation of products
  • Regulatory and compliance
  • International agreement affecting bilateral and multi-lateral trade
  • Trade and transit issue, and issues relating to the Single Convention 1961 and UN Convention 1988.
  • WTO Laws and litigation
  • International arbitration under various arbitration rules such as UNCITRAL, ICC, AAA, SICA, LCIA etc
  • WTO disputes settlement understanding

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