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Public Procurement and Government Contract

Engaging in construction business with the Government or other public entities can be any local and foreign companies’ wish. GLA is very experienced in advising foreign and local companies and firms on multifaceted issues of public procurement as well as government and public contract. We provide structured advice with diligence, that helps guide our clients from the initial to the final award stages of the formation and performance of government contracts.

In this field of service, we offer expertise in:

  • International Compensative Bidding (ICB),
  • Local competitive bidding by foreign investment company
  • Bidding process to the project being developed with foreign aid and loan, International public bid,
  • Preparing procurement documents,
  • Regulatory issues on procurement matters,
  • Due diligence tender documents,
  • Claims against the Government,
  • Suspension and debarment, contract related litigation,
  • Interpretation of contracts disputes etc.

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